I Pray

I grew up in the mission field and saw first hand how the enemy attacks in many different ways to hinder the message of Jesus to be shared. Jesus himself was constantly under fire from the devil at various times. 


Jesus also said that the enemy came to steal, kill and destroy. First he wants to take us apart piece by piece and then kill us. It seems like he still isn’t satisfied with just killing but goes on to try and destroy.


I have seen countless lives saved through prayer, stories that are supernatural. I have experienced a few of them of my own. Once the wheel of the bus fell off, thankfully at slow speed and the second time we caught it just by feeling a vibration while the bus was going at 80 miles per hour on a sunday night on our way home.


We had been in constant prayer and prayed specifically in regards to this and His protection was evident.


Can you pray for us? Pray for, 1) our teams and volunteers, 2) the children and communities receiving the program, 3) enough material and donations to cover costs and expenses, 4) protection for the trips and all our team members, 5) health, strength and wisdom to lead and direct this ministry.


Email us to keep up to date prayer requests.